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INTRODUCING THE TENTH EDITION OF THE TEMA® STANDARDS. Since the founding of the Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association in 1939, the TEMA® Standards have been specified by industrial plants worldwide.

The 10th Edition introduces numerous changes to the TEMA® Standards

Newly Added

  • “Line Element Method”, a one-dimensional FEA for Flexible Shell Elements (expansion joints)
  • Two-dimensional FEA for Flexible Shell Elements updated using language compatible with ASME code
  • Comprehensive Horizontal Saddle Supports section with full design recommendations and formulas for any known loading
  • Improved and expanded standard flange dimensional charts for ASME, German DIN and Japanese JIS flanges
  • Guidelines and Configuration of Distributor Belts
  • Fouling Mitigation Design Study
  • Guidelines for Expanded Tube to Tubesheet Joints
  • Collar Stud section with loading considerations and sketches of typical 1 piece and 2 piece collar stud designs for removable bundles
  • Incorporates ASME PCC-1 Recommendations for Bolted Joints


  • Updated International Material Chart
  • Updated Metric Bolting Data Chart
  • Updated Graphics and Charts to a Modernized and Standardized Format and Appearance
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TEMA 10th edition
10th Edition TEMA® Standards



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