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INTRODUCING THE ELEVENTH EDITION OF THE TEMA® STANDARDS. Since the founding of the Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association in 1939, the TEMA® Standards have been specified by industrial plants worldwide.

The 11th Edition introduces numerous changes to the TEMA® Standards


Newly Added

  • Exchanger Type Selection Guide which discusses the benefits and disadvantages of various types of exchangers
  • Section on Inspection which has information concerning non-destructive examination techniques and recommendations for their use for shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • Design of one pass floating heads
  • Design of Type-D high pressure channel closures
  • Weld calculations for vertical support lugs
  • Appendix for Repairs and Alterations of Heat Exchangers
  • Appendix for Clad and Overlay Construction
  • Appendix for Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.



  • Updated Heat Exchanger Specification Sheet to better define the design requirements necessary to specify a heat exchanger.
  • US Customary and SI Units are provided for most requirements – a single system of units shall be used for all aspects of design and fabrication except where otherwise permitted
  • Clarification to the mitigation of erosion of the tube ends due to certain tube side flows
  • More detailed discussion concerning tube to tubesheet joints.
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TEMA 11th Edition
11th Edition TEMA® Standards
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